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Melaka, Malaysia.

Awarded Best 2 Star Hotel at the Melaka Tourism Awards 2006/2007 and attractively located within the world famous historical city of Malacca, Semabok Inn Melaka is committed to providing guests with the hallmarks of Malaccan hospitality, all within supremely easy access of the wealth of attractions that the historical city of Malacca has to offer. Semabok Inn Melaka offers you luxurious comfort, affordability and business-friendly service.

Strategically located within Jalan Semabok, very near the heart of the city of Malacca in the state of Malacca, also famously known as the Historical City of Malacca, guests will appreciate Semabok Inn Melaka’s location for being within major commercial, financial and government offices, key historical and cultural sites, popular eating areas and shopping complexes, ideal for walking tours of the inner city, filled with a rich variety of cultural elements ranging from the old days of the Malaccan Malay Sultanate, remnants of the Portuguese and Dutch occupations to the uniquely Malaysian Baba & Nyonya cultural heritage, a result of the fusion between Malay and Chinese culture from the cosmopolitan old days of Malacca as a major port of call for traders worldwide.

Tastefully furnished with twin or queen sized beds, Semabok Inn Melaka’s 50 guest rooms are equipped with modern and up to date facilities like individually controlled air-conditioning, hot and cold showers, television, and many other basic amenities. Comfortably pleasing to the senses, our rooms offer you the comforts of having a home away from home, the perfect place to retire to and recharge after what will surely be hours of exploring the many riches that await you in the historical city of Malacca.

A scrumptious wining and dining experience is never far away from Semabok Inn Melaka as there are choices abound with a variety of food and beverage outlets in the vicinity and within easy reach from Semabok Inn Melaka, with an abundance attractive choices of carefully prepared food for you to cleanse your palates, ranging from eternal local and Malaccan favourites to classic Western dishes, gourmet Chinese cuisine and beyond.

Take a break and chill at Semabok Inn Melaka’s lounge after a long day at work or exploring, or you can simply take a leisurely stroll and choose one of the many drinking and entertainment places available within easy reach from Semabok Inn Melaka.

With its strategic location within the city of Malacca, Semabok Inn Melaka is the perfect choice for all of your functions, be it a business meeting or seminar, training programs, product launches, press conferences and various other social events. Our fully equipped Board Room and Conference Room offers something to suit every kind of need, and every kind of budget.

As Semabok Inn Melaka is conveniently and strategically located within the historical city of Malacca, there is an abundance of places of interest for everyone to see and experience. The 'A' Farmosa is the hallmark of Malacca and perhaps the most photographed subject next to the Stadhuys. Built by the Portuguese in 1511 as a fortress it sustained severe structural damage during the Dutch Invasion. The Dutch had set to destroy it but timely intervention by Sir Stamford Raffles in 1808 saved what remains of A Famosa today.

The Stadhuys, within easy reach from Semabok Inn Melaka, was built in 1650 as the official residence of Dutch Governors and their officers, the edifice is a fine example of Dutch architecture.Preserved in its original structure and form , it now houses the Historic Museum and Ethnography Museum. On display daily are fine traditional bridal costumes and relics from Malacca's glorious past.

Standing exactly as it has always been since 1753, The Christ Church is testimony to Dutch architectural ingenuity. Also within easy reach from Semabok Inn Melaka, take note of the church's handmade pews, ceiling beams constructed without joins, Brass Bible, tombstone written in Armenian and 'Last Supper' in glazed tiles.

Dedicated to Admiral Cheng Ho, the Sam Po Kong Temple was named after a fish that miraculously saved the admiral's ship from sinking after it had been hit by a storm en route to Malacca from China. The fish mysteriously placed itself against a damaged hull preventing the ship from taking on water

St. Paul's Church, within easy reach from Semabok Inn Melaka, was built by a Portuguese Captain by the name of Duarte Coelho, the chapel was turned by the Dutch into a burial ground for their nobel dead and renamed it 'St. Paul's Church' from the Portuguese's 'Our Lady Of The Hill'. St. Francis Xavier was briefly enshrined in the open grave in 1553 before being shipped to Goa, India.
St. Francis Xavier's Church, also easily accessible from Semabok Inn Melaka, was built in 1849, by Reverend Farve, a Frenchman. The Gothic towered church is dedicated to St. Francis Xavier who is well-remembered for his missionary work spreading Catholicism to South East Asia in the 16th Century.

Cheng Hoon Teng's Temple is the oldest Chinese temple in the country, and is also within easy reach from Semabok Inn Melaka. It was built in 1646 with materials shipped out of China. Fine workmanship is evident in the ornately decorated mythological figures, carvings,and lacquer work inside the temple.

The Malaysia Youth Museum is dedicated to the contribution made by the youth in the country economic and social well-being of the country. The noble efforts evident at regional, national and international levels are displayed at the museum. The Proclamation Of Independence Memorial was built in 1912, the former club house of Malacca Club now houses invaluable exhibits of the country's struggle leading to the country’s independence. Exhibits are in the form of relics, manuscripts, video tapes, film and slides. Both museums are within easy access from Semabok Inn Melaka.

Hang Jebat's Mausoleum, also within easy access from Semabok Inn Melaka is dedicated to the champion of justice who died a tragic death. Hang Jebat was unceremoniously killed by Hang Tuah in a duel of honour that lasted 3 days and 3 nights. He ran amuck after suffering a fatal wound from Hang Tuah's dagger, 'Keris Taming Sari'. In the name of justice to avenge the sultan's hasty punishment against Hang Tuah for a crime he didn't commit, Hang Jebat was accused by Hang Tuah of 'durhaka' (contumacy).

Also within easy reach from Semabok Inn Melaka is the Sri Poyyatha Vinayagar Moorthi Temple, one of the first Hindu temple built in the country at the turn of the century. It was built on the plot given by the Dutch. Kampung Kling's Mosque is one of the oldest mosques in the country with Sumatran architectural features. Instead of a conventional dome, a three tier roof rising like a pyramid is in its place. A minaret peculiar in shape from a typical moorish style, is structured like a Pagoda portraying the mixture of East- West architectural influence.

The Maritime Museum is constructed after 'Flora De La Mar', the Portuguese ship that sank off the Coast of Malacca on its way to Portugal. With its hull laden with invaluable treasures seized from Malacca, the ship was doomed from existence were it not for the efforts to preserve Malacca's heritage. At the museum, visitors can get a closer look at Malacca from the famed Malay Sultanate of the 14th century to the Portuguese era, the Dutch era and the British era. There are exhibits of foreign ships that had once called at the port of Malacca during the height of its maritime hegemony.

A bit further from Semabok Inn Melaka but still within easy reach are 2 very old mosques. Kampung Hulu Mosque, built in 1728 by Dato Shamsudin, is the oldest mosque in Malaysia. Its unique archtectural style is not traceable to others in the country. Prominent in its architectural grandeur, the Tranquerah Mosque is unique and bears testimony to the fact that Islam had its rightful place in Malacca almost 600 years ago. The tomb of Sultan Hussain of Johore is in the compound of the mosque. He was the ruler who signed the session of Singapore with Sir Stamford Raffles in 1819.

Malacca's Sultanate Palace was built based on the description and reference to the palace in 'Sejarah Melayu’ (the Malay Annals). The wooden replica houses the Cultural Museum of Malacca. Situated at the foot of St. Paul 's Hill, it is the only Malay palace from Malacca's glorious past built with such detail and refinement.

A bit further out of Malacca city and Semabok Inn Melaka are some notable places of interest. Mini Malaysia is a stupendous theme complex to enable visitors to view the traditional houses of the 13 states of Malaysia on a single visit. The complex displays life-size authentic houses of Malaysia crafted by master builders. Each house has been furnished with corresponding elements adding ambience of originality that capture the houses in their traditional setting. Mini ASEAN is a unique theme park conceived as the summary of prominent cultural elements of the countries that make up ASEAN i.e. Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Phillipines, Singapore and Brunei. About 49 km. from Malacca city on the route to Port Dickson stands a Dutch Fort built in 1757. It stands on raised ground known as Bukit Supai (Sepoy's Hill). Hang Tuah's Mausoleum is the place of rest of Hang Tuah, a fully decorated admiral of Malacca's naval forces who defended successfully, countless attacks against Malacca sovereignty from Siamese and Achinise fleets. Hang Tuah's outstanding performance as a military officer made him a legend that has graced many a court and the history of Malacca. Located in Kampung Duyong where Hang Tuah was born and spent his childhood among four of his good friends who would later become the famous knights of Malacca is Hang Tuah's Well. The well is said to be the abode of his soul which takes the apparition. of a white crocodile. For a commoner to catch the glimpse of Hang Tuah is hardly likely. It is said that the holy among us can ever hope to see the apparition. Tun Teja's Mausoleum is the place of rest of Tun Teja, the daughter of Sri Amar Di Raja Pahang convinced by Hang Tuah to marry Sultan Mahmud Shah who died a queen in Merlimau, about 24 km. from Malacca city, while retreating with members of the Malacca royal family from Portuguese attack in 1511.

With its wonderfully strategic location and the luxurious comforts of its chic and modern rooms, Semabok Inn Melaka is the perfect choice for everyone, from families to leisure and business travellers and beyond, where class and heritage run in perfect tandem with each other.

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